Yogscast TTT

The yogscast crew have been playing TTT for many years now, constantly adding mods with new roles, weapons, items, mechanics, and so on. For this reason the TTT videos are notoriously difficult to get into. They have previously tried adding explanations in videos but found the mechanics too dense and there being too many roles (as well as the ordeal of constantly explaining what every role and item does in every video)

As someone who has been consistently watching the TTT series for years I have watched as everything grew and ballooned and have made this page for explaining what the fuck is going on.

You can check out the latest yogscast TTT videos here

Unique Mechanics

The Randomat

The randomat is a device that adds a modifier to the round, this can be as simple as replacing the sounds effects with just 'Sosig' to changing the entire game to a battle royal or even just another GMod gamemode. The randomat can be bought by detective roles, can randomly trigger at the start of a round, or can be triggered by one of the admins.


Unique Weapons

Red Matter Bomb

This weapon is a reference to the now legendary video The Bomb from their Voltz series in 2013. In Voltz a red matter bomb is a powerful bomb that continuously eats blocks and is capable of eating the world, one of the players on the shared server spawned in some bombs for testing and ended up setting off the red matter bomb without knowing what it was capable of, dying repeatedly until the admins stopped it, the final result being the player's base being effectivly destroyed by restoring the nearby area to it's state at the world seed due to the bomb creating a massive gaping cavern.

In TTT this weapon is nowhere near as effective, instead only pulling in playersat a range to it's location and dealing continuous damage to them capable of killing people on full health if they don't die from the fall damage from being pulled in from a higher height. The only counter to an RMB is to either be out of range, be prevented from being pulled in by a map object, or to stay on a ladder.

It should also be noted if you watch the bomb video that one of the key people in the video Sjin/Paul Sykes is no longer a member of the Yogscast after an independant investigation into grooming and sexual harrassment allegations made against him, for more info there is the megathread on the yogscast reddit, I just wanted to make sure that is known if someone decides to watch that video so as to not blindly promote him. If you watch a TTT highlights video and notice one of the names in the roles UI is blank and there occasionaly lulls in the conversations that is why.

The Doncannon

You may notice Duncan's model is very... unique. The head was created during a GMod Build video in which a player recreated Duncan's face, a model was made and someone made a weapon that shoots the head while playing a clip from one of Duncan's minecraft songs, such as Rubber Tree. It deals a high amount of damage, goes through surfaces, and explodes after a time.

Remote Sticky Bomb

This item places an invisible explosive on a target player, only being able to be identified by the beeping sound coming from the target. The player that placed the bomb can detonate it after it has charged, killing anyone caught in the explosion.

Ben has a habit of using this item on new players.

Shark Trap

A traitor item identified by a small plate on the ground, when a player walks onto it they freeze and a large shark comes out from underneath and kills them instantly, the only counter is to either not be able to take damage from it or to just not step on it. The plate can be picked up by players and used offensivly by forcing another player to collide with it, a common practice of jesters.


A Barnacle from Half-Life 2 with some notable changes, they are largely invisible and only identified by their shadow or their slight opacity, and people caught in a Barnacle are unable to hold or use weapons thus requiring another player to come and save them.

It was found shortly after their introduction that the most common victims of Barnacles was the traitor buddy of the traitor that placed them, resulting in the meta of not helping players trapped in Barnacles unless they were confirmed to be Innocent, or traitors helping their traitor buddy while quietly grumbling.

Weeping Angel

Artillery Cannon

Snail Plane



Innocents are green, and win when there are no enemies alive or the timer runs out, with no buy menu and without knowing who each other are for sure, making up for this fact by being the most numerous.

  • Innocent - plain and simple, nothing of note.
  • Glitch - an innocent that appears to be a traitor to other traitors and is also able to activate traitor traps on maps.
  • Veteran - is healed to full, gains a damage bonus, and is given an alert when all other members of the innocent team die.
  • Deputy - is promoted to detective when the detective dies (also see Impersonator)
  • Vindicator - when killed they respawn as a brown role tasked with killing their killer, and will rejoin the innocent team when this is done. If their killer is killed by someone else before the vindicator can get revenge the vindicator dies.
  • Mercenary - can buy items that regular traitors can.


Detectives are blue, they are a single person are on the innocent's team and have three notable features: everyone knows who the detective is (but not their specific role), the detective can buy items in their buy menu, and the detective is the only innocent that can check bodies for their roles.

  • Detective - vanilla detective.
  • Paladin - has a healing aura (invisible to everyone else) that heals those inside, also has explosion immunity.
  • Marshall - a detective with the ability to deputise other people, if deputising an innocent they become a Deputy, if deputising a traitor they become an Impersonator, and if deputising any other role they become a detecto-clown (with various punny role names) which behaves like the clown (see Clown).
  • Randoman - a detective with a unique buy menu that is made up of randomat effects (and a radar), the randoman can purchase these effects to trigger them.
  • Medium - a detective that can see glowing orbs of the dead players spectating (with no real identifier as to who the orb is). Also when the medium is killed they will possess their killer, and are able to make their possessed perform actions like moving, jumping, dropping their current item, or attacking. If their possession target is killed the medium respawns at a map spawn.
  • Tracker - can see footprints of where players have walked similar to the detective from the gmod murder gamemode.
  • Santa - a christmas seasonal role that spawns with a christmas gun, which will fire either a present with a special item once to each player, or coal.
  • Announcer - gets an alert when another player buys an item.


The antagonistic red team, their ultimate goal is to kill all innocents and other enemies. All traitors know who each other are (however Glitches will appear as fellow traitors), are able to activate traitor traps, have a buy menu, and can check bodies to steal buy menu credits the person had. There are normally only two traitors at the start of the round.

  • Traitor - vanilla traitor with nothing special.
  • Summoner - a traitor with a unique buy menu primarily with items that summons things, such as half-life creatures, bees, or the dreaded Doncon.
  • Impersonator - a traitor that, when the detective dies, will appear to be promoted to detective by innocents, but who is ultimately still a traitor.
  • Parasite - a traitor that, when killed, will infect it's killer, and after a timer the host will die and the parasite respawns at the host's position. Parasites that have infected someone can be countered either by killing the host or using a parasite cure that most detectives can buy, however the cure will kill the target if they don't have a parasite.
  • Queen Bee & Bee - Queen Bee is a rare traitor role that changes the other traitors to the Bee role, who all have unique buy menus that focus on spawning bees, entities that fly around the map with small hit boxes and deal a lot of damage. If they win it counts as Bees (traitors) win.
  • Spy - The spy disguises themself as anyone they kill, changing their player model and name to match. They also start with a flare gun, which is able to destroy the body that is left behind.

Jesters/Pink Roles

These appear as pink, and are generally referred to as jesters and pink roles interchangeably. These are unique roles that usually only win on their own, are known to traitors (but not their specific role), cannot deal damage (unless otherwise noted), and are immune to most damage outside of direct hits from crowbars or guns. There can be up to two pink roles at the start of the round, sharing their slots with brown roles.

  • Jester - the reason why they're also known as pink roles, the jester has no special rules outside of if the jester is killed by another player the round ends and the jester wins, and whoever killed the jester is named and shamed.
  • Swapper - similar to the jester, however when they are killed they are respawned at full health and have swapped roles with their killer, who is set to 1 health and made the new swapper. There is no win condition for the swapper at the end of the round.
  • Loot Goblin - a jester that after a timer at the start of the round everyone will receive an alert, and the loot goblin will shrink in size and begin making noise. If the loot goblin is killed at this time they will drop an array of special weapons from the traitor and detective buy menus for anyone to pick up.
  • Clown - a jester that if killed nothing will happen, but if alive when one team would otherwise win the clown activates and they can now deal damage, and wins when all enemies are dead.
  • Beggar - a jester that will join a team based on the role of the person they are given a gift from. If given an item from an innocent the beggar joins the innocent team (with no confirmation), if given an item from a traitor they join the traitor team, and everyone is given an alert the beggar joined the traitor team.
  • Guesser - starts with a role guesser gun, which has a menu in which the player can select an innocent, traitor, or pink role, the player then shoots who they think is that role, if the Guesser is right they swap roles with the target, if wrong they die. The Guesser explicitly cannot guess Detective roles. They don't take damage, but if they are hurt enough they are told the role of the person hurting them.
  • Faker - can buy traitor weapons, however they deal no damage. Must be seen using them by an innocent three times and survive to the end of the round to win. If killed they will drop a bunch of items similar to the Loot Goblin.

Brown Roles/Independant Roles

Miscellaneous roles that don't belong to any of the other teams, each with their own quirks. Traitors can't see brown roles but brown roles can see traitors (but not their specific roles). There can be up to two at the start of the round, sharing their slots with pink roles.

  • Drunk - will change role with an alert after one of two things: either a timer reaches zero, or either the innocent or traitor is eliminated. If the timer reaches zero the drunk randomly switches to a role in either the innocent or traitor team. If one of the teams are eliminated, the drunk is assigned a role to that losing team, also worth noting that, at least as far as I'm aware, this occurs before the clown activates.
  • Mad Scientist - part of the zombie team that, outside of a randomat effect, is only made up of the mad scientist to begin with. The mad scientist has a zombification device that they can use on corpses to respawn them as zombies. Zombies however cannot be brought back. The mad scientist/zombies team only wins when there are no other enemies alive.
  • Zombies - outside of randomat effects zombies can only be spawned by the mad scientist using their zombification device on non-zombie corpses. Zombies have only their claws, a spit attack, a leap attack, and a buy menu that most of them forget about. If someone is killed by a zombie they respawn as a zombie. Zombies also have a meta rule that they must announce themselves in some way when they are turned.
  • Mud Scientist - a reference to when a new player misread 'Mad Scientist' as 'Mud Scientist', this is a very rare role where the person with the role has their player model changed to a monkey and they must run around the level collecting mud samples.
  • Elf - a seasonal role that appears in christmas time, elfs are smaller, faster, and have only a candy cane, if they get close enough to someone they can spread christmas cheer on a target, freezing the target's movement and after a short time the target is turned into an elf and shrinks down in size with increased movement speed and equips a candy cane.
  • Hivemind - anyone killed by a Hivemind becomes a Hivemind as well. All Hivemind players have shared combined hp, and can access the shops of anyone they kill, so for example if a traitor is killed by a Hive Mind, all Hive Mind players can access the traitor buy menu.